Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Karaoke Microphone

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Wireless Bluetooth mode

1. Turn on the microphone, the blue light is on, there is a sound, indicating that the Bluetooth function is ready.

2. Search for Bluetooth ID WS-858 and connect.

3. Open the karaoke app to select music files and adjust your device accordingly.

4. Adjust the volume, echo, music and mode of the WS-858.

5. Follow the instructions to start singing and recording songs.



Material: Aluminium Alloy 

Weight: 220g

Output power: 5W

Audio interface: 3.5MM

Charging Voltage: DC 5V 

Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh 

Power Supply: Build-in 18650 Li-ion battery 

Reverb Mode: Echo sound reverberation 

Package Dimensions : 24.41 x 9.6 x 8.51 cm; 220 Grams