VGR Professional Hair & Beard Trimmer Clipper V-282

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You will shave your hair and pin you more than one length as to if you have more than one machine because it has 6 combs (1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 13).
• You can shave without combs if you want short hair.
• You will easily control the level of the length of the main blade by means of the side hand, which is easy to adjust in more than one length, without combs, the blade is hovering in lengths of 0.8-1.2-1.6-2 mm.
• You will use it anywhere without being bound by wires because the time of its use after charging is 200 minutes.
• Powerful 2000 mAh lithium battery.
• Digital display showing the charge percentage.
• Stainless steel blades.
• Cover the blade for safety and to maintain it.
• *the description*
• Brand: VGR
• Model: V-282
• Battery:- Lithium 2000 mAh
• Charging time: 3 hours
Run time: 200 minutes
• The USB is connected to a charger or power bank with a capacity of 5 volts – 1000 mA
• Voltage: 5V
• Power: 5 watts
• Dimensions: 18 cm long x 4.5 wide x 4 deep
• black color
• *Package Content*
• 1 x Cleaning Brush
• 1 x oil
• 1×comb
• 1 x Machine
• To clean the machine: Unplug the machine, brush the blade with a brush to remove hair residue, put one or two drops of oil on the machine and run it for two seconds.