Sealing Machine, Hand Sealing Machine For Fast-Heating Plastic Bags, Packing Machine - White

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Features: made of high quality ABS material, resistance to high temperatures, non-toxic. Seals plastic bags airtight in minutes, creating airtight seal that is fresh and tasteful. It can fully meet your daily needs. You can use it to store snacks or fruits opened in the packaging, avoid waste and mould formation to ensure the freshness of the food.


Material: ABS + electronic components

Colour: White

Size: 10 3.5 3.5 cm/ 3.94 x 1.38 1.38 inch

Package Content: 2 White Handbag Locking Machine 

Material: ABS and metal.

Power supply: 2 * 1.5 V AA batteries (not included).

How to use:
Insert the batteries.
Remove the black protective cover.
Clip on one end of the bag you want to seal.
Press the lid for 5 seconds.
Move it slowly to the other end of the bag. Check that it is closed.