Led solar light hanging lamp indoor house with Remote

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Brand: Warmtaste Shade material: PC Shell material: PC+ABS Battery: 3.7V2200-4800mA Power: 30W Color: warm light, white light Control method: remote control Charging time: about six hours Lighting time: It can be used for about 8 hours after fully charged Cable length: 3 meters Solar panel: 1.6W 5.5V Dimmable: 100% / 50% / 25% Color temperature: 3500K (warm white light)/6000K (white light) High quality super bright solar indoor and outdoor waterproof dimmable remote control intelligent operation chandelier 1. Use high-quality materials such as water-proof, sun-proof, wind-proof, dust-proof, cold-proof, and anti-freeze to adapt to all kinds of weather 2. Solar charging has zero electricity cost. It absorbs solar energy during the day and uses it at night. The solar energy will not automatically sense to light up. It needs remote control. Three kinds of brightness can be adjusted 3. The 180° rotatable bracket, any illumination range is up to you. The remote control can be timed for 3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours, any length of time is up to you to choose 4. Polysilicon solar panel: efficient conversion of light, fast charging speed, long service life 5. Switch and method: The solar light is a light control product. If you need to test the light during the day, please cover the solar panel and open it. Connect the cable, if the light flashes, it is normal (turn on the switch on the back of the solar panel before use) 6. When using the product for the first time, please charge the product in the sun and charge it for several hours before using it. If the product is not used for a long time, charge it every other month 7. The actual charging effect of solar panels depends on the length of light and weather conditions. The stronger the sun, the faster the charging effect. The longer the lighting time, the more charging. In rainy days, the charging effect will be weaker, the stored power will be less, and the lighting time will be shorter.