DSP, Household Mini Handheld Steam Hanging Machine Lightweight 1400W / 220 ML Model kD1079

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  • The sole is made of stainless steel, does not leave stains even on snow-white things
  • Easy to care for and in which case it is easily wiped off the dust
  • Once turned on, it only takes 30 seconds to start ironing clothes
  • Vertical Steamer is a modern device that allows you to iron clothes and home textiles without spending a lot of effort
  • Will also quickly and effectively allow you to treat clothes with hot steam, cleaning and disinfecting them
  • It is impossible to damage even the thinnest and most capricious fabric with a steamer - neither synthetic nor natural
  • Powerful steam eliminates the smells of cigarettes, food, and body odor
  • Overheat protection, Soft-touch coated handle, Readiness indicator, Steam button lock for


  • Brand: DSP
  • Model: KB1079
  • Voltage: 220-240V /50-60HZ
  • Output Power: 1400W
  • The volume of The Tank: 220ml
  • Material: Stainless Steel