Double furnace melter Electric Heating Candy Chocolate Melting Pot Kitchen Tool With Heart-shape Mold

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1.[Product name]: Double furnace melting machine (supporting small polishing pot)


2.[Color]: pink/yellow


3.[Melting furnace parameters]: Voltage: 220V, Power: 25W


4.[Size]: The inner pot has a diameter of 8.5 cm and a depth of 5 cm. Capacity: 250ml


5.[The overall length of the double furnace is about 27cm, the width is about 19.5cm, and the height is about 8cm]



6.[Packing]: color box (1100g/set, 27.5*19.5*20.5/box specification)



7.[Packing number]: 18 sets/carton (carton gauge 63*56.5*62cm, gross weight 21kg, express delivery count 32kg)


8.[Remarks]: The melting furnace comes with an English manual (if you mind, take it carefully)


9.[DIY furnace usage method]: It is easy to use, just put the raw materials into the heating aluminum pot, the large pieces of raw materials need to be chopped and then put into the pot), first adjust the heating switch to the second gear (about 70 degrees) , While melting and stirring), after the raw materials are completely melted, adjust the switch to a position (about 40 degrees, keep the solution in the state), then pour the solution into the DIY mold, let it cool naturally for about 5 minutes, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze About 60 minutes, the final DIY production process can be completed by completely cooling it into a hard block and taking it out