Car Interior Strip

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1,Metal reflective effect,Smple sense is stronf,The grade is higher
2,Use PVC soft plastic production environment,Semicircle laser metal reflective film processing
3.Like stainless steel,Dazzling luxury,Black at the bottom ,After installation and body fusion
4.Like rubber,Soft with plasticity,installed in the gap to reduce automcble sound
5.Black installation width of 5mm,the thickness of 1 mm,Model suitable for 95%
6.Easy to install

Type: trim strip
Material: PVC
Color: blue, silver, gold, purple, red
Features: Easy to install, car decoration, flexible, versatile.
Length: 5 meters / 196.85 inches (about)
Easy to install and perfectly decorate your car.
5 meters long, flexible and easy to cut to the right length you need.
Suitable for all barbecue/indoor/outdoor vehicles.