12V High Power Automobile Emergency Mobile Power Supply Car Booster Cable

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Description :

  • Automobile Emergency Mobile Power Supply  with Three Bright Emergency Lights
  • Size : 16 x 7.5 x 2.8 cm 
  • Weight : 450g A
  • Output : 12V=2A , 16V=3.5A  , 19V=3.5A 
  • Input : 12V=1A 
  • Starting current :300A
  • Peak current :600A
  • Battery capacity :50800 mAh
  • Usb 5V= 2A outlet 

High capacity with high power polymer battery is adopted for fast charging.
It can support an emergency jump start and entirely replace the included battery for a car startup.
It also supports general cellular phones/laptops charging and completely replaces products similar  to mobile power banks.
With true powerful flashlight,three-function switch-over,emergency rescue,signaling,lighting,deterrence. defense and other powerful features.
It has a safety blade help you get out of dangerous situation
Five levels of power display indicate battery status,real-time recharging reminders,automatic shut  down under no-load condition.
Over-current protects the device from overload,making it more convenient,safer and more energy-efficient.
​It is the ideal choice for night shift workers,overtime workers and many others.